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I am working on soon launching a vlog called The 20-Something Starter Kit (TSK for short)!

It’s going to be about all the things that we 20-Somethings are somehow supposed to already know about functioning as adults…but were never taught. Money things like insurance and retirement funds (Even though our careers have barely begun, if they have at all), social things like making sure the roomie you found on Craigslist isn’t a serial killer and how to act normal at bars (Since that’s where we’re supposed to hang out now, right?), logistical things like what stuff should you throw away or keep when moving across the country for your new job (And also, y’know, actually finding this new job), etc. etc.

The plan is for this vlog to go in two-week cycles. The first week will revolve around talking about these aforementioned topics and the second week will be about recipes that fulfill the Three F’s: frugal, fast, and freezable! (And fit. And feasible, for the beginner cook)

So I’m asking you, my friends, for help! What do you think I should talk about? What do you wish somebody had told you when you were first venturing out into this grown-up world? What are your go-to meals when you get home from your 9-to-5 and you’re too lazy to cook a complicated dinner?

Comment below or message/text/e-mail/contact me with any of your ideas!

And when I actually launch TSK, please subscribe/follow/etc.! It’ll be housed at 20smthngs at all of the various social media outlets (Youtube, Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest)


  • I’m starting a vlog called The 20-Something Starter Kit (TSK for short) about how to navigate adulthood
  • Send me ideas of things to talk about, advice/tips/lifehacks for the hapless 20-Something
  • Also send me recipes that are frugal, fast, and freezable! (Even better if also fit and feasible for the beginner cook)
  • Please subscribe/follow/etc. when I actually launch it! Basically, it’ll be housed at 20smthngs at all the various social media outlets

This is a standing order so whenever something strikes you as an idea for me, drop me a line!

Thanks, dearies!

- Clara

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